Top Level 1

By May 13, 2021 September 3rd, 2021 No Comments

Congratulations, Ms. Rachel!

You have been selected by our instructor and leadership team as a top Level 1 student for the August 2021 Traditional Program Rank Advancements.


We sat down to get some answers from Ms. Rachel:

What is your favorite thing about classes?

Rachel: I like it all, however, sparring is my favorite thing. I like to hit things.

What is your least favorite part of class?

Rachel: I usually avoid people. That and running, because I know it is my weakness

What other kinds of things/hobbies do you like to do?

Rachel: Yard work and gardening.

Do you have any goals you are working on for the future?

Rachel: To stay with MA, get better and healthier along the way.

Who is your favorite #teammate and why?

Rachel: My mom, she’s my biggest supporter and fan. I’m a momma’s girl!


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