#Teammate Talks Podcast

Welcome To Our Worldwide #Teammate Talks Podcast The podcast where our #Teammate staff discusses parenting, life, character, philosophy, and of course, martial arts!

RESPECT- You Deserve Exactly What you Give

You Deserve What You Give I don’t know about you, but I believe that when it comes to respect, assistance, courtesy, and more, you deserve exactly what you give. Now, this doesn’t

Do Your Kids Keep Their Word?

Want to know the easiest way to get your kids to keep their word? Would you love your kids to stop making excuses? Your Word Has Value... If You Make It Valuable Ever

Do Your Kids Tend to Give Up Easy?

It is normal for kids to want to try lots of things. It is also a completely normal part of life to quit things. There are only so many things

Overcoming Anxiety & Depression

Martial arts training comes with many benefits. It all depends what you are looking for and focused on during your training. It also depends on how you use and apply

Get Your Kids Ready to Go

It’s rare, but we have heard our parents mention that sometimes it's hard to get their kids to come to class, or go anywhere for that matter… but when they do

Helping Kids Cope with Failure

Does your child get upset, frustrated, or angry when something doesn’t go their way? Maybe they tend to get a temper when they lose at a game? Or, they tend