Amazing Essay Answer

Received this essay answer from one of our recent anonymous surveys. This writing skill is INSANE! I loved this story, and I’m very proud of the diverse people, skills, and talents present in our culture at Peaceful Warriors.

Read for yourself!

This one time I jumped down a well, well jump is not entirely accurate, let’s just say I fell. I hit the bottom and thought I broke my arms until I remembered that I had no arms. Just then it hit me! Seriously, something hit me. It was a penny.

I guess I fell into a wishing well. Some luck, huh? Anyway, I took the penny and decided to keep it for a rainy day. You never know when you will need a penny. Maybe I’ll put it in a rainy day fund. Any who, I noticed a glow coming from behind a loose rock so I pulled the rock with all my might. Inside was a little glowing caterpillar. He spoke to me in the deepest most rattling voice I have ever heard.

He said to me “Oh great wanderer you have fearlessly traveled to this lair! Speak your greatest wish and it shall be!” I corrected the glowing caterpillar that I had carelessly fallen, not fearlessly traveled. He said “Oh, well, never mind then. Turn around.”

As I turned I saw him transform into an owl and flew up up and away… except another penny fell, forcibly this time, hit him in the head, and now he is dead. So much for being a great caterpillar owl thing I guess. Realization set in. This well would become my grave. I was doomed I felt.

That is until I noticed something in the hole of the glowing caterpillar owl. It was a phone. With a web page open to this page. Seems it was destiny for me to complete this questionnaire. So complete it I have! And to the best and most accurate responses possible. This is the culmination of my life.

I have served my purpose and could not be more proud. Take heart Mr Rose, you bearded beast, you life changing public speaker you. If it were not for this questionnaire then I would not be completing a questionnaire.