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Do they tend to make poor decisions? We can be your teammate to help them improve their judgment.
Are they being bullied/labelled at school – or are they aggressive with other teens? Maybe they need some exercise or a fun way to lose weight?
Are they low on confidence and tend to be depressed? Do they give up easily & fail to meet their goals?



They can test your sanity even at the best of times. Yet, you want the best for your teenager. You want them to have the tools they need to succeed now and later in life – and you’d like that to happen without having to pull out all your hair in the process. As a parent it can be impossibly hard to know where to start.

Studying martial arts helps teens learn how to overcome their problems and learn important lessons in a supportive but firm way, the kind of way they get from sports coaches – the kind of lessons that will follow them to your home, to the classroom, and for the rest of their lives.

Teen Teammate Confidence Karate Poster


Teenagers who take mma or karate classes learn the benefits of taking charge of their mistakes and self correction. Our mma classes emphasize Teammate core values like compassion, courtesy, and respect. Students learn that the way they treat others reflects on them as people and affects their ability to achieve their goals. Our martial arts training will help them find their best selves to succeed in life, no matter what they want to try!


Teens sometimes seem to be all attitude and no respect – in fact, it can seem like they go out of the way to disrespect all authority figures. It is that natural buck & urge to prove themselves to their parents and other authority figures.

In our karate school, we show teens how using courtesy and respect can help them achieve their goals and make better friends, as well as protect them from trouble.

Ultimately, teens who study martial arts learn that when they treat themselves well mentally, others will take them more seriously too.

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Having a great support network of teammates in our karate and mma classes helps teens have the confidence to do their best at things without concern of other peoples opinions. The very definition of self discipline.

This discipline they can find in the environment of our martial arts classes allows teens to be the best of themselves and become great leaders among their peers.

As they achieve their goals, they earn more confidence, and worry less about acting out in a way that would make others like them, and more in a way that makes them love themselves.


It’s very common for teenagers to make snap decisions based on their emotions, without considering the possible consequences. Right now is important right?!?!

In our martial arts classes, teens learn through experience, how to evaluate situations and make wise decisions instead of rash ones. This way they can learn to have the best outcomes of their actions, and avoid trouble!

Over time, the decision-making process becomes ingrained like muscle memory, for any decision they may face as adults.


Whether they’re in a karate class or in a classroom, the difference between a good performance and a poor one often comes down to judgment.

Students learn how to make judgments on the fly using the information they have on hand in conjunction with their training.

They also learn how to differentiate between good instincts and bad ones – and to use that information to make their best judgments.


Bullying is a huge problem in life these days, and if your child is being bullied, you know that something needs to change!

Studying martial arts helps teens Respect themselves, make the most of their natural talents and capabilities, and carry themselves with Confidence.

Ultimately, kids who feel good about themselves are less likely to be bullied than kids who don’t.

Teen Teammate Bullying Defense Karate
Teen Teammate Tricking Respect


Martial arts helps teens corral their aggression and channel it into something positive. It teaches them that violence and unkindness are not the answers to their problems.

In our martial arts school, we are a team that works together to get better. Aggression and angst quickly melt away in an encouraging and friendly atmosphere where everyone wants you to succeed!

We use karate to help people, not to hurt people!


It might seem like your teenager would happily spend all day sitting on the couch playing video games or posting on social media.

The electronics craze might be a good thing in many ways, but teenagers still need physical activity to stay fit and healthy.

Martial arts classes provide teens with fun workouts in a social setting that rivals any video game.

Give your teen the best teammates, to be the best they can be.


It’s not uncommon for teenagers to feel inadequate, sad, and lonely. They’re hard on themselves and may struggle with self-esteem issues.

In our martial arts classes, they learn that they have skills and capabilities that make them strong and resourceful – and they learn how to make the most of their bodies and minds.

Over time, getting control of their bodies and minds helps build self-esteem and confidence.


As adults, we sometimes dismiss the idea that kids experience stress – but the truth is that teenagers deal with stress every day.

Peer pressure, grades, and college applications, combined with hormones and interpersonal issues, can add up to a huge stress load for modern teenagers.

Martial arts classes give kids a positive and healthy outlet for the stress, helping them to keep anxiety under control.


Teens sometimes seem have a hard time setting goals in the short-term or the long-term.

The study of martial arts encourages them to pursue goals on a regular basis. Each skill they learn, and each belt they earn, represents a goal that they have achieved.

Goal-setting in this way provides teens with the tools they need to set achievable goals in school, at home, and in life.

Teen Teammate Tricking at Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts


Bad attitudes don’t get you far in karate class, and kids learn that if they ever want to do/learn the cool stuff, they have to first get their ego in check.
Teens learn to respect themselves better mentally, which helps them learn to treat others better as well. They learn to see things from other points of view.
karate class show teens how doing their best (discipline) helps them achieve goals they thought were out of reach.
Martial arts classes build the types of skills that increase the odds of success in any endeavor.
Teens learn to be more aware. Both of themselves and their surroundings, as they learn that being too full of themselves and not present in the moment can cost them.
Having great teammate role models surrounding your teens will help them improve their judgement and decision making abilities.
Self control and thoughtfulness are central to karate training. We can help teens develop these skills which are very important to succeeding in life and careers.
As teens learn moves, they also must learn to make decisions about when to use them. They will learn through trial and error, as well as how to apply any knowledge they gain in any subject.
Martial arts classes build strength and help teens tone down, lose weight, feel better, and manage anxiety/depression.
Kids who carry themselves with confidence are less likely to be bullied. Most bullies pick on who they think is the easiest target.
Martial arts students learn to control their emotions so that they can’t be used against them. We all know life will do that wherever possible!
Bullies learn to respect others through starting as a beginner and having to earn their way up. It doesn’t take long to learn that ego will get you in hot water faster in a karate class, with quicker consequences, than anywhere else!
Teens who work out feel good about themselves. Making them easier to live with!
Exercise improves sleep and reduces anxiety through learning how to do their best all the time and deal well with failures.
Teens work off their stress in a positive environment, and supportive, teammate environment.
Teens learn to achieve large successes in large goals by breaking them down to the smallest steps and planning the actions one step at a time!


My teen doesn’t respect me at all. Can studying martial arts change that?

Yes. They will learn that by treating others the way they like to be treated, they will have a smoother time in life, and find themselves in far less trouble and drama.

My teenager’s attitude is driving me crazy. What can you do to help?

Teenagers often have bad attitudes, but the root of it is often a lack of confidence. Studying martial arts helps them earn that confidence to feel good about themselves That translates to a better attitude outside the martial arts classes as well.

I can’t believe how poor my teen’s judgment is. Can studying martial arts make a difference?

Yes. Martial arts classes require teens to learn and then apply lessons to decisions in real time in karate classes.

Will taking martial arts classes make my teenager less prone to making careless and thoughtless decisions?

We teach teenagers the value of thinking things through. karate class will teach them that knee-jerk decisions are often the ones that land them in hot water.

My teenager feels like they have a target on their back. How can studying martial arts help?

Teens who study martial arts earn a certain level of  confidence, and that makes them less likely to be targeted by bullies who tend to only pick on those they perceive as easy targets who won’t stand up for themselves. They also learn how to defend themselves if necessary.

Can taking martial arts classes help my teen defend themselves against bullies?

Yes. Martial arts instruction training builds strength and increases the odds of success if they must defend themselves physically, but it also teaches them how to de-escalate situations so it hopefully won’t come to that.

My teenager spends all day playing video games – won’t they resist the idea of taking a Fitness & Weight Loss class?

They might – but martial arts classes are fun and social. We usually don’t have any trouble once they see how much fun the other teens and adults are having.

Will studying martial arts help my teenager get in shape?

OH Yes. Martial arts workouts combine cardio with muscle toning exercises to develop better fast twitch muscle and reaction times. We have students that have lost over 100 pounds in a year, without even feeling like work!

My teenager has low self-esteem and I’m worried. How can studying martial arts help them feel better about themselves?

Confidence can be earned in mma classes through starting with simple, easy to overcome challenges and building up in difficulty over a long period of time. Through one small personal victory at a time teens can build the confidence to have much better self esteem.

I’m afraid that my teen might be depressed. Is studying martial arts something that can fight depression?

It can, but it’s not a replacement for therapy and other remedies for depression. Exercise of any kind releases endorphins, feel-good hormones that give people a mood boost.

My teenager starts things and gives them up all the time. Why should I expect martial arts to be different?

Because its fun, and they will make friends easily in our teammate based environment. They won’t have to worry about anyone being un-supportive or mean in our martial arts studio.

I want my kid to try harder in school and at home. Will studying martial arts help with that?

Yes. In our teen martial arts classes, they learn that discipline is about trying their best, and that win or lose, when they try their best it feels good. This helps them learn to try their best in other aspects of their lives as well!

Can studying martial arts make my teenager less lazy?

Yes. Once they get a taste of how exercise can increase dopamine levels in the brain to make them feel good, plus that first taste of personal victory, it has a strong effect on the concept of laziness.

Teachers tell me my teen isn’t living up to their potential. How can martial arts help?

MMA training teach teens to push themselves & take every action they must to the best of their abilities.

My teen doesn’t give any thought to how their actions affect others. Can you help?

Yes. Compassion is a core element to our teammate training systems. Learning to care for others so that others will care to train with you.

Can learning martial arts make my teenager more responsible and mature?

Yes. Martial arts instruction emphasizes the mind-body connection and teaches teens to be mindful and aware. Self awareness is the key to improvement, as well as compassion, respect, and courtesy.

I’m worried that my teen is overly aggressive. Won’t studying martial arts make it worse?

No. Martial arts classes don’t encourage aggression. They teach kids to control their emotions so that they can’t be used against them. As well as giving them a safe outlet for their aggression and frustrations.

My teen picks on other kids. How can studying martial arts curb that tendency?

Two of the core tenets of martial arts are compassion & courtesy. They learn in karate classes how these can help deescalate situations and keep them out of trouble often.

My teenager is overweight. Will your classes help them lose weight?

Yes, especially when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Martial arts workouts are great total body workouts that also help with cardio and lung health.

Will my teen learn about a healthy lifestyle in martial arts class?

Yes. Our instructors will teach them about staying hydrated, the importance of regular sleep, and help them learn how to breath in ways to help them stay calm and lower their heart rate under pressure.

My teen takes on too much work and seems to be stressed out all the time. Will taking martial arts classes help them manage their stress?

Yes. Stress is common among teenagers and it’s important for them to learn how to manage it. Practicing karate teaches them how to control negative emotions through controlling their focus and perspective.

Can your classes help stop my teen from taking their stress out on other people?

Yes. Teenagers often accumulate a lot of anger and stress, and they need to have some sort of outlet for those feelings, just like adults. Kicking, punching, and other mma moves release those emotions in a healthy & safe place using heavy pads and supportive teammates – and make it less likely that they’ll feel the need to take them out on you.

Can martial arts classes teach my teen how to set goals for themselves?

Absolutely. Why do you think belt and stripe systems were invented for karate classes in the first place?

My teen needs a boost of confidence to believe they can achieve their goals – can learning martial arts help?

Yes. Every move they learn in martial arts class, and every belt they earn, takes them one step closer to achieving higher levels of confidence. They learn how one small step at a time, taken consistently, over a period of time, will help them achieve things they never thought possible!


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