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Some kids just enjoy pushing their boundaries

In our basics of parkour and trick kicking program they can start with the basics and learn how to do those stunts they are always trying to pull that give you a heart attack SAFELY and in a safe environment!

Parkour is a great way for kids to build confidence & perseverance

Unlike martial arts programs or other competitive sports, parkour and trick kicking allow your child to explore their boundaries without that daunting feeling of competing with anyone else! They all progress at their own rate, and while parkour is often called a ‘sport’, it is really just a fun activity to do to teach them how to push their limits safely to do things others are not able to!

Want to try?

Confidence is earned

through completing tasks that seem difficult at first but with caring instruction can easily be managed! Each little celebration builds the ability for your child to believe in their abilities to accomplish things. We start them with very basic and easy to understand things, then the bigger challenges they take on and overcome, the more confidence they earn! All without the pressure of doing better than anyone else. Only being the best THEY can be while training with great #teammates!

Caring instructors and fun classes make all the difference.

It’s one of the things that sets us apart from the rest. Especially in our parkour and trick kicking program. All of our parkour & tricking classes are designed to be both fun and a little bit challenging regardless of your child’s skill level! Everyone learns better when it is fun! We have spent the past several years finding the perfect balance of fun and challenging ways to practice our parkour and tricking safely!

Great teammates are also key to success!

We make sure your child gets to train with the best and friendliest teammates around! It is a great way to meet new friends as well! With students from Newcastle OK, Tuttle OK, Moore OK, South OKC, Mustang OK, and even as far as Norman & North OKC!

We all want our kids to be able to fly

As a parent it can be so difficult to let them though, I mean, it is our job to keep them safe too right? For their own development, it is important that children learn to push those boundaries to learn to fly. Look at this guy, smiling all the way!

Parkour isn’t just crazy stuff you see on YouTube

There is so much more to parkour & trick kicking. Much of it can be learned very easily to help build the confidence quickly to slowly break down and build on those skills to build more complex skills and tricking passes! Far more laid back than gymnastics as many tricks are about going horizontal as much as vertical!

Of course we do some flippin’ too!

So if your child is wanting to learn how to do flips and is worried they wouldn’t learn that in our program, they would be wrong! It does take time and working on the basics before we get to flipping though. Give parkour & trick kicking at teammate tricking air a try for free today!


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