#Teammate Talks Podcast

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Worldwide #Teammate Talks Podcast. Where our #Teammate staff discusses life, character, mental health, philosophy, and of course, martial arts!

23 Phrases For #Teammate Parents

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23 Encouraging Phrases For #Teammate Parents. It is easy to get stuck in giving consequences, but do you remember to encourage the good behavior as well?

Helping Kids Cope With Failure

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Does your child get upset, frustrated, or angry when something doesn’t go their way? Maybe they get a temper when they lose a game? Check out these tips on helping kids cope with failure!

Age Is No Excuse…

It is easy to think of martial arts as something for kids, but people of all ages get a lot out of it! Most of us didn’t start until we were adults!

Do Your Kids Give Up Too Easy?

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Do your kids give up too easy? Are your kids quick to want to quit when there is a challenge? Here’s a couple tricks we use in martial arts!