Respect – Treat others the way THEY like to be treated

Overview: One of the easiest ways that is often used to define respect is to treat others the way you want to be treated. Respect is simply acknowledging that someone or something is important and worthy of being taken care of. Respect means you can admire someone or something, or a part of someone or something such as an achievement or rank, regardless how you may feel towards the person. If you truly wish to show a respectful approach it is more about letting someone know that you acknowledge them and their abilities. We think it might be better said, treat others the way THEY like to be treated. Not to the point of becoming harmful to yourself. Respect is something earned and mutual. Showing respect is a matter of courtesy. Treating them in a way they like to be treated shows a willingness to acknowledge them on their own terms, which is an effective way of showing respect.

Student: Being polite is awesome. Saying “Please” and “Thank you” is way cool and it shows you appreciate people when they help you. Always show good manners by saying “Yes sir” or “Yes ma’am” when speaking to adults, especially your parents and teachers. Our parents, family, and teachers have spent years learning and working hard to gather things to then share with you, they are all worthy of respect. We believe all people are. Show them that by treating them in a way they asked to be treated. Raising your hand as a rule when saying something in class shows that you respect what your teacher has to say, and the time and dedication they put into getting to the point of helping you. Our parents do SO MUCH for us that is worthy of respect generally. Simply following directions without resistance shows that you respect them and care for what they are trying to do or teach you.

Your possessions and toys should also be shown respect. Often, they came from yourself or someone going out of their way for you. Showing the care for them by keeping them clean, picked up, and out of the way, is a way to show respect for yourself, and care for others.

Parent: Most people would agree our society lacks a certain level of respect for one another. People are often rude and disrespectful towards one another. Some would even say being polite and considerate are a lost art in our culture. Teaching your children about being respectful will help them stand out from their peers in many ways. They’ll be viewed as someone who is intelligent and respectful by their use of good manners. Teaching them to be considerate of others helps them to be unselfish. They will have better relationships and find it easier to make friends. Respect starts at home.

Many people believe the best way to gain respect from kids is to be harsh. This is a bit of confusion about the difference between respect and fearfulness. In setting the boundaries of respect there are some hard lines that need to be set though, such as setting the boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not for how they deal with you. The older they get the easier it is for them to understand why you as a parent are deserving of respect but they often ignore it. Many kids don’t know how to notice. Showing an amount of respect towards your child’s wishes (within reason obviously) can go a long way to set an example. Especially if you explain it as a two way street, kids will begin to understand why your hard work for them and the household is something to be admired, and worthy of respect.

Written by:

Cory Rose