Parenting Tips

Parent Tips for Kids Development

Tips for working with kids development

Just wanted to give a few parent tips from us at Peaceful Warriors that hopefully can be helpful at home with kids. We are all about working with parents for the best development and consistency in lessons with their kids!

1.Most kids like a challenge, as long as they are encouraged for effort, not discouraged for lack of results.

Most kids, even the most shy, tend to enjoy doing things that challenge them. Some often will shut down if they develop a fear of not being able to do it or do good enough at it. If we consistently rewarding and encourage the effort rather than the result. They will continue to persevere and try things until they do get better at them. Rather than developing a dislike for them and a tendency to run away from adversity.


2. Having a third party (extended family, coaches, instructors, teachers, ect..) that is on your side in helping you consistently teach values to your kids can be very helpful.

As parent’s you have to wear so many hats with your kids already. Having someone else they respect that calmly reinforces those lessons is a powerful thing for kids. It comes down to consistent reinforcement from more than one angle!

3. Having an environment they can go to, such as a class or program, where they can feel like they are an important part of something bigger.

A place where everyone shows those important values and are lifted up for them rather than bullied and degraded. Where everyone is friendly and they can feel like they are important. They will begin to exhibit those values outside of that environment. It starts to become a big part of who they are.

4. Consistency is key!

If you want your child to show courtesy and use their manners at all times, then it must be reinforced at all times. We must also all be the examples of how those manners are used in how we deal with others and our kids. They are far more likely to say please and thank you, or sir and ma’am, if you use those words to them. If they stop saying please when asking for something, but you give it to them anyway. They will stop saying please!!

Consistent smiles can be more powerful than constant reprimanding. If you would like to talk about more of this with us, or our classes and programs, you can contact us anytime!


Cory Rose
Owner/Chief Instructor

Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts