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Oh to the honest..

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Honesty seems like such a simple subject on the surface, and it is.


In application there are a few other complexities involved to mastering the art of honesty.





Did you want to talk about honesty with others or honesty with yourself?

Both are covered in this video.


HONESTY With Yourself

Are you being honest in a way that you can explain why? Or, are you just beating yourself up needlessly. Learn to practice seeing the difference between fact and opinion when being ‘honest’ with yourself. Is there actually a good reason why you think you did something bad? Can you explain it? Can you pay attention and break it down to figure out what part of it felt that way?

If not you may be needlessly beating yourself up.

HONESTY With Others

Don’t be a jerk..

Tact is a thing, let’s not lose that art. The way I see it, there are two types of honesty with others.

  1. Selfish honesty– This is that time that you just think, well I’m brutally honesty, or some other ego driven excuse for saying something someone doesn’t want to hear in a way that puts them down and makes you feel better.No doubt it can be hard to deliver hard truths, sometimes people aren’t ready for it. There is a such thing as preframing though, much like bedside manner.That being said, respect would also say to treat others they way THEY want tbe treated, if someone ever tells you they would rather the brutal truth, they are generally more comfortable with themselves and knowing than they would be with not knowing, honor that by being honest in the way your teammates ask for it.
    Tactful Honesty – This is that time you do consider the feelings of the person you are being honest with and try to give, or better yet show, them your honesty in a way that is open minded. You may learn something, there may be a good reason to their madness. Considering how they may feel with the delivery of your honesty is important to coming across in the best way possible. Being open minded to the fact they may have a better ‘why’ than you think for whatever it is you might be being honest about. But this helps you understand each other. Understanding each other creates better relationships and friendships.




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