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Our programs can do a ton for helping children learn not just what focus is, but how to apply it. We focus on both awareness and laser focus. When to apply them, and how to switch between them.


We believe setting an early positive example of self discipline is ultra important. We use power phrases to help set the tone of always doing your best and show them how doing your best can make you feel great, even when its something you didn’t feel like doing.


Our classes help to set a solid tone of respecting others by thinking about how they may feel. We teach them how to show respect through courtesy and compassion.


When we care for others we find care ourselves. Having compassion also helps come to understandings and tempers one to not be a bully themselves.


We can help your child learn to believe in themselves through the trials and difficulties of learning the arts. By always encouraging and pointing out how good small personal victories feel!

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