Level 2 Top Tiger

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Congratulations, Mr. Landon!

Our instructors and leadership team have chosen you as a top tiger for the Level 2 Tigers program for the August 2020 Rank Advancements.



We interviewed Mr. Landon to get to know a little more about him:

What is your favorite technique to practice?

Landon: Hmmmm… ummmm…  I would say a 360 round kick if that counts!

Me: Of course it counts!

What is one of your favorite games or drills from class?

Landon: Ninja Ninja Samarai

What other things/hobbies do you like to do?

Landon: Tag!

Who is your favorite #teammate, and why?

Landon: That is a tricky one! Mr. Moeller…

After that, I might have made a comment teasing Mr. Moeller to which Mr. Landon came to his aid, proving why he deserves the honor of top tiger this rank advancement!

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