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We’re Cory & Brittani Rose, Head Instructors here at Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts.

As martial arts instructors with extensive experience training kids, there is nothing better than seeing them grow firsthand to become the best of them that they can be.

But more important than the martial arts skills they learn… is the personal skills they develop and carry for life through the Teammate Life Skills education programs in all of our classes.

Because martial arts is so much more than just kicking and punching, and getting the next colorful belt, though, that does help them learn about setting and achieving their goals! No matter what those goals might be!

It’s about developing confidence, discipline, character, focus, respect, perseverance and integrity. Its about growing to be great teammates for their families, friends, and teachers!

That’s because martial arts provides a very positive environment to learn in. Through learning to focus on one little thing at a time, in the most fun ways possible, they learn to be their best so fast! They can instantly see and feel a difference, making them destined to build confidence, self-awareness and self-respect.

And of course it’s a ton of FUN!

That’s why we love teaching martial arts to kids in this community, and why we know your kids are going to LOVE training. Because all of the kids we have here love it too! Just check our testimonials ANYWHERE. Check below for more!

Forever your Teammate


Any of these challenges?

They are great kids but they just don’t listen, often being told to do something a hundred times before they actually do anything.
They’re bright and intelligent, yet have trouble paying attention at home, in school or in any important situation, even being classified as an “ADD” or “ADHD” child.
They are simply shy and lack the confidence and self-esteem needed to live up to their full potential.


There really is a safe, natural and extremely effective way to take charge and positively impact every aspect of your child’s life. It takes having great teammates in guiding your children in a positive environment.

Having extra role models to be your parenting teammates can help you set the example to your kids of positive discipline, always doing your best, confidence, and respect.

We help you do this in a way that empowers them rather than puts them down while also teaching them humility, and promoting health and fitness… all at the same time.

Sounds like a wonder cure doesn’t it? But we can help do all that. And that’s the power of Safe Karate & Martial Arts classes.


Children absorb things quickly when they are having fun. Even more than we do as adults. Often, Parents see a difference in their kids behavior after just one martial arts class with our teammate staff!

Not only are they getting healthier as they learn martial arts, they’re also learning the value being great and compassionate teammates. When you enroll your child in a karate class, you’re giving them much more than the physical skills we teach. You’re giving them the opportunity to be the best they can be!


Kids often have difficulties understanding respect. It is difficult for kids to see things from another’s point of view enough to treat them in a way they like to be treated.

Karate teaches the importance of treating yourself, and others, the way they like to be treated, every day.

We teach students to respect everyone. They can’t succeed without being able to get along with people and be the best they can be for themselves.

Over time, the instinct to respect others becomes deeply ingrained – and your child will carry it with them forever.

Teammate Kid Focus On Karate Class


Nobody can succeed in life without the discipline to keep going even when the going gets tough.

Our students learn how to always do their best! Even when it starts to get a little hard. That level of discipline to always do their best is made all the better by our great culture of teammates!

Students are held to the highest standard they are capable of at all times. Helping them in all aspects of their life and goals!


Childhood education lays the groundwork for your child’s success later in life. Without learning how to apply knowledge, they may not achieve their goals.

If your child is having a hard time in school, then studying martial arts can help them by teaching them how to learn AND apply. Karate classes also provide kids with an outlet for their energy, helping them achieve clarity of themselves. Martial arts leads the way to better grades and create better leaders for the future.


It’s common for a kid who feels like they perform poorly at something to think they are not capable of doing better. Same thing if they aren’t feeling supported in other areas of their life. Disappointments can ruin enthusiasm for learning.

In our martial arts classes, kids learn how to take hits and be more confident knowing their teammates are behind them – They carry the ability to do so in the classroom, where they can cope with setbacks and learn that by doing their best, they can achieve more than they thought!

Confidence is earned one step at a time, and with confidence, comes better performance and coping mechanisms! Karate classes can definitely help with that!


One of the most damaging things that can happen to kids in school is that they get labeled, teased, and bullied: the fat kid, the clumsy kid, and so on. In our school, they are all karate kids!

Kids learn to trust themselves and their abilities. As a result, their confidence soars. They learn to not worry about other peoples opinions as much as what they think of themselves.

Physical self-confidence leads to emotional self-esteem, and martial arts classes can help kids carry themselves with an air of confidence & compassion.

Teaching them how to control their energy into responsible leadership abilities!


Being great teammates through courtesy, compassion, and being their best and most confident of course!

Martial arts training puts a strong emphasis on the importance of focus & courtesy. Learning how to apply it at home, in class, and on the playground. Building awesome leadership abilities to help children grow to be successful adults!

Kids can learn everything that they need to excel in our martial arts school. They learn the mental discipline to avoid distractions and pursue their goals.

Today’s kids often have difficulty with paying attention, our 4 steps of focus taught in our martial arts classes will help keep their eyes on the right things!


When kids learn to show courtesy to themselves, they also learn to do so for others.
Having consistent small goals helps kids learn the benefits of perseverance & personal victory.
Kids learn to work through mistakes and failures by improving and not losing control.
Our karate classes in our martial arts school translate to doing their best in every pursuit!
In our classes, kids also work on memory and logic. Important aspects for success in school.
The focus kids learn in mma classes help kids avoid being distracted at school.
Kids who learn martial arts learn to take care of themselves, and how all knowledge can be applied in multiple ways. Helping them see the importance of learning.
Children in martial arts classes become more self aware. Learning mistakes are okay and how to build on their knowledge in a supportive, safe environment.
Karate instruction builds from where kids are and helps them learn to do their best. Which helps them believe in themselves.
Martial arts classes teach kids how to be present in the moment.
Kids learn to watch out for others, and how to be compassionate teammates to help each other improve!
In karate classes, kids learn that through courtesy and focus, they can avoid getting in trouble.


My child is out of control. Can martial arts help?

Yes. Self-control is at the core of martial arts training. We wouldn’t want to accidentally hurt anyone! Our students learn to make their best choices about their actions and emotions.

How can learning about discipline help my child at school?

The discipline kids learn in our karate classes helps them to do their best in other areas of life. Learning to do their best physically will help them do their best mentally. Instead of thinking of discipline as punishment, they will instead see it as doing their best!

My child is failing in school – how is studying martial arts going to help his grades?

Martial arts training teaches kids lots of necessary tools to success in school. Karate classes also show them the importance of learning through showing them how different types of knowledge can be applied in the world.

Can learning how to punch and kick really help my child with math and spelling?

It can, but this isn’t what martial arts is all about. Giving a child a physically demanding outlet can help the development of the synapses in their brains as well. In our school, they must focus during each class.

I’m worried that my child feels inadequate. Will learning martial arts help with self-esteem?

Yes. The way we hold ourselves physically relates directly to how we feel inside. Kids who study martial arts learn to carry themselves with confidence. All students are treated as equals in our martial arts school, which can help build kids’ self-esteem. Confidence is earned through completing challenge, which karate classes can give them, one small step at a time.

Can learning martial arts help my child pay attention in class?

Yes. In our martial arts classes we break down how to focus in 4 easy to understand steps to help kids learn how to control their focus in small, easy to understand steps.

How can martial arts help my child learn self-discipline?

The study of martial arts requires kids to do their best, even when they don’t feel like it. They must control their behavior in and out of our school, work to memorize moves, and practice to advance in their studies. This can only be done by doing their best, the definition of self discipline.

How can studying martial arts teach my child to be respectful of himself and others?

Yes! Treating others (and yourself) the way they like to be treated is a core value in our Teammate Life Skills Education System!

What skills will my child learn to help them behave at their best?

Martial arts training teaches all sorts of teammate life skills at our studio. These traits help children let go of petty things and learn to pay attention to the things that are most important to their future success.

My child resists learning anything new – what if they resists learning martial arts, too?

If your child is reluctant, we will work with them to help them register a series of successes to build their confidence. This is rarely a problem for us, because we ensure it won’t be by making classes extremely fun! Helping even the most reluctant child succeed in a positive and supportive martial arts environment.

Can martial arts help my child have faith in their abilities?

Yes. Kids who study martial arts learn that hard and persistent work pays off. Each small success helps children believe in themselves and have faith they can achieve their next goal.

What elements of martial arts instruction teach children to focus?

We have a specific system for teaching children how to focus! If you request more information and ask us for it, I will make sure you get a link to our article on how we use 4 easy steps to teach children (and adults) to improve their focus!


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