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Help Your Child FOCUS in 4 Easy Steps

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Help your child focus better with these four easy steps


Steps are outlined below this video,

video is a more in depth description.




Watch with the EYES

Have you ever caught yourself trying to listen to someone while looking at something else and been torn? Realizing that you just lost track of either one of them? Frustrating and overwhelming it can be. For both you and your child.

It’s the same for children, helping them pay attention to where they are looking while they listen can be helpful, if it is too easy to get visually distracted, have them close their eyes and imagine they are looking at you while they listen.


Listen with the EARS

This is the part most people focus on, and truly, one of the easiest parts of focus. It really is as simple as listening, which is made much easier by practicing the other steps.


Think with the BRAIN

Make sure that you are imagining and thinking about the thing that you are looking at and listening too. This connects you in a way to the moment that makes you more present as a parent.

For children, ask them questions about what they think or see in their mind from time to time as you speak. Tell them you are going to tell them something, and you want them to listen, watch, and tell you back what they THINK.

Then don’t be critical of what they think, the whole point is just to get them to think about what you are saying in some form or fashion. Giving you as a parent a great place to start!


Do the right THING

Take action on what you heard, this is where we talk with children about doing the thing they were told to do, and know they need to do.

Sometimes, especially for parents, it can also mean actively doing things for those around us that let them know that we not only heard them, but care about what they had to say.


Follow those four steps yourself and you might be amazed at how much you can improve your own focus.

Break it down like that for your children, consistently & repetitively when an example of a breakdown in the four steps occurs, and it truly will amaze you.