K. Adams#Teammate Parent, Google Review 2021

Peaceful Warriors is intensely creative! Their educational tactics are ingenious, it's very inexpensive peace of mine, and more importantly, they love what they do. You can see it in the children and adults alike. Protect your children and yourselves in playful excersize.

K. Pemberton#Teammate Parent, Google Review (Mrs. Misdemeanor) 2021

My baby started ging to Peaceful Warriors about 2 months ago (May, 2021) and it has been a phenomenal experience! From day one his sensei's encouraged him and fostered a sense of accountability, teamwork, and confidence. Ty has always been super quiet and shy, but at Peaceful Warriors he is FLOURISHING! He's speaking up more, he really does think twice about his actions and takes ownership good or bad, and has built so much more confidence in himself. He's so proud of everything he's learning and accomplishing. Now, it's not just mom and dad proud of him, he's proud of HIMSELF!

The lessons they teach are lifelong and the community they create is full of support. These kids know that their #Teammates have their back! Mrs. Rose, Ms. Tosha, and Ms. Kayla have all been so supportive and caring and even I learn valuable lessons just from talking to them and watching their practices. Our family couldn't be happier or more proud for Tyler to be part of such a great team! He's excited to go to every practice and I absolutely can't wait to see how much he grows in the years to come with such a wonderful community on his side! We are grateful to be part of the Peaceful Warriors family!

R. Welch#Teammate Parent, Survey Review 2021

We've been attending class for roughly four weeks. I have seen some amazing changes in my children in just a short time on and off the mat. Zack has steadily progressed and is able to focus in class and at home better. He is able to do small tasks calmer as well as more aware of his surroundings. Sadie is excited and looks forward to class each day. At home she has been way more eager to help, picks up after herself and is more patient with her brother. It has tremendously helped us as a family better communicate with less whining and complaining. Over all, Id say it was just what we needed that we didn't even know was missing. Thank you for all that you do at Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts.

C. Calcote#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2020

I am THRILLED with what this organization has done for, and taught my child.. He loves coming and it's something he looks forward to all weekend! Lincoln loves Mrs. Rose! The confidence, perseverance, and respect that my son has learned in the few short months we've been coming here is immeasurable!

S. Reeves#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2021, Local Entrepreneur

Teaching kids much more than martial arts! My kids have learned so much respect just by attending The self defense is great, the teaching about life is what really takes this place to another level in my opinion.

L. Anstine#Teammate Parent, Google Review 2021

My daughter is hard of hearing. Without her hearing aids, she’s effectively deaf, but can sign. During sparring, she had to remove her hearing aids (to protect them) and the staff communicated with her via sign. She loved it. She was also super passive due to confidence. My daughter’s confidence has shot through the roof after just a few classes. These folks are an amazing group.

K. Keel#Teammate Parent, Google Review 2021

Started my 8 year old son here almost 4 weeks ago and I am truly blown away by the program. The instructors are so kind and welcoming and encouraging to every kid. My son who previously dreaded the idea of doing anything is now excited for every class and asks several times a week how many more days he has til his next class, and likes to practice what he learns at home. Highly recommend it here!

L. Dickenson#Teammate Parent, Google Review 2020

Wonderful class for kids and adults. The instructors well trained and are amazing with the kids. My 11 year old son goes and absolutely loves it. He can't wait until the next class.

J. Eidson#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2020

Would recommend them to anyone! Hands down the best in town! My son loves going to his classes and has learned so much in just the few months he’s been going.

S. Lopez#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2018

My son has a really hard time with behavioral issues because of his ADHD and impulse disorder. His confidence is pretty low because of it. He has only been here a short time but he absolutely loves it!! I’ve already seen a huge change in him! He loves telling everyone about what he has learned and loves earning badges! Today he earned his yellow stripe and he is beyond proud! Thank you for helping bring out his confidence and helping him be a happy 5 year old!! ��

K. West#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2021

They have an awesome 2 to 4 year old program. I love how they incorporate learning, listening. discipline skills through playing fun games. I couldn't be more happy with the decision I made signing up my two year son. I really love that its something him and I do together in the class. They have been amazing

M. Howard#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2018

The changes I have seen in my daughter, Megan Howard, physically and mentally are amazing! Mr. and Mrs. Rose have transformed her confidence level, her physical appearance and have motivated her to get her black belt in record time. The passion Mr. and Mrs. Rose have for martial arts reflects onto their students in a positive and encouraging way.

S. Hunter#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2018

Wow! Peaceful Warriors has exceeded our expectations! My son’s have been a part of their program for almost two months and we could not be more pleased with the instructors, the program, and how much our kid’s love it! They are willing to work with our crazy schedule, we are already seeing improvement in my oldest son’s confidence (which is why we sought out martial arts), and even my 3.5 year old is beginning to exhibit a level of self-control during class. I also love that they are involved in our community and truly invested in our kids, offering alternative child-care programs for Fridays, parent night-outs and most recently stepping in to offer free child-care for parents who may be in a bind due to school closures!

K. Alexander#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2021

If anyone is looking for a martial arts facility for yourself, kids, or family I would recommend Peaceful Warriors! They have been hands down amazing from day one!! They have always focused on the kids well-being, growth, and fun! All instructors have been beyond patient and caring to each and every member of our family!

D. Roper#Teammate Tricking Parent, Facebook Review 2021

The tricking/parkour class is a lot of fun and is really helping my son build confidence, which was our goal starting the class.

F. Nett#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2021

The very best! So patient and kind with everyone from the littles to the bigs. But yet strict with discipline and the structure needed to keep them learning and growing. So glad we found this place for our son!

J. Williams#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2018

I can't recommend Peaceful Warriors enough! I was a little worried starting our 4 year old out at the right martial arts place and we definitely found a home here! The classes have been amazing and my kiddo went from hiding behind me when we got there to begging me to get going from home so we aren't late hours before her class even starts! She loves it and so do we! In fact we moved even further away a few months in and we now drive 35 mins to get there because they are worth it!

A. Jones#Teammate Parent, Google Review 2018

My daughter loves Peaceful Warriors Karate and so do I. They always encourage her to be her best and do her best. They teach respect and kindness while working hard and having fun. It's a Win Win... She will come home so excited to help clean up or doing something nice without being asked. I love how they teach the kids what to do and say if a stanger tried to grab them. I also love the positive reinforcement. We will continue at Peaceful Warriors 😍

H. Wantland#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2020

We absolutely love coming here! We drive over 40 mins 1 way for class because we can’t find anything better than what Peaceful Warriors provides! They are patient with the little ones and I’ve seen a great improvement in my sons behavior at home and school! ❤️

D. Adkins#Teammate Parent, Google Review 2019

Our daughter has been learning and increasing her self confidence and self control and obtaining phenomenal physical and mental wellness for about 2 and a half years now. Both Cory and Brittani are so patient with the kids and adults alike. We wish we could give 10 stars! Please, bring your children or family here and you won't regret it. *Update* Mr and Mrs Rose are such good instructors. They not only teach the fundamentals and the implementation in sparring, grappling, and forms but why and how those work as well. One of the best things we've ever done for our daughter. Update, she's going on 5 years now and is still loving every minute of it. Thanks to all the instructors and at instructors for caring so much. I've actually joined and been training now for about a year and a half now and love the physical benefits of training here. Great job

B. Mitchell#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2020

This is a great place to learn martial arts! The instructors are very knowledgeable and are very good at teaching.

B. Jarrett#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2019

My entire family does martial arts at this studio, ages 2 years to 32 years. The staff is excellent and super in tuned to everything each person needs individually. My special needs child has come out of her she’ll tremendously and absolutely adores going to “hi-yah”.

J. Dawson-Briscoe#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2019

Amazing!! The staff is fantastic! My son really enjoys it and looks forward to his classes! So cool to see him strive to be better every time with this wonderful team beside him every step of the way! 5/5 hands down! Very very reasonably priced also!
Brittani Rose is so funny and down to earth her sense of humor is the best! Fun classes but they also learn so much!

M. Alvarez#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2021

This has been such a great school for my son. Very supportive and encouraging.
We both love it and I highly recommend this Martial Arts school to everyone.

E. Housel#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2017

I am so thankful for Peaceful Warriors. Our boys have found great instructors and teachers but also great friendships. My middle child doesn't even know how much he is learning because their games and stories are so entertaining. I drive 30 mins each trip to attend these classes because I guarantee that we would not find a better dojo.

E. Marshall#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2018

You all rock! Thanks for creating an atmosphere where my children can succeed, but they have to work hard to accomplish their goals.

A. Hague#Teammate Parent, Google Review 2019

We love Peaceful Warriors. The positivity that flows through that place while teaching the kids along with promoting respect, integrity, and discipline, is just what our son needed. It has been a wonderful experience all around. The owners are very genuine and it shows, we couldn't be happier.

M. Johnson#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2019

We absolutely love Peaceful Warriors and their amazing staff! Our son has loved every class and has learned so much. Mrs. Rose and her crew are exceptional working with kiddos to help make them more confident, courteous, and respectful. This was just the type of activity our son needed to work on these life skills outside of home. Thanks for the #teammmates!

C. Chancellor#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2018

I highly recommend Peaceful Warriors! Such a positive, and educational experience! Not only is respect and compassion taught, it is returned....I know, rare to see, but true! Our boy loves martial arts here, and we love being welcome to watch him learn. He is planning on acheiving his black belt, eventually....By the way, this all started with going to a friends Birthday party here. {which is awesome} And we are going to have one, as well!

M. Alexander#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2020

The very best! So patient and kind with the little ones; yet strict with discipline and the structure needed to keep them learning and growing. So glad we found this place for our little guys!

B. Ferree#Teammate Grand Parent, Facebook Review 2020

Our grandson came to live with us, and I wanted to provide him with an opportunity to learn, get exercise, and become part of a team. What I found, rather who I found, is Brittani. She's an awesome leader and teacher. You won't find a better place, no matter where you look.

D. Oliver#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2019

This place is great!!! Right when you walk in the door, you feel like family. My son absolutely loves this place. I am so thankful we found them. They are stuck with us now hahahahaha!!

A. Shook#Teammate Parent, Facebook Review 2018

Tonight was our first night to try a class with Peaceful Warriors. We were so impressed with the amount of kindness and generosity we received. Not only were the instructors knowledgeable, but they made it a point to make my little boy feel welcomed and included in the group. This is exactly what we have been looking for! I’m so excited for our future with Peaceful Warriors!

R. Cannon#Teammate Parent, Google Review 2018

I didn't know how much my children needed this until after I signed them up and they started attending class. At first it was just an experiment to help my kids with self control. I've already noticed how my son act up less in school and my daughter is inching her way toward better self confidence. Mr. and Mrs. Rose are absolutely wonderful instructors and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

D. Cannon#Teammate Parent, Google Review 2020

My daughter started at Peaceful Warriors when she was a freshmen in high school. She was very shy & quiet and suffers from anxiety. From the first day she was treated like family. She grew so much, becoming an assistant instructor, then earning her black belt. She is so much more out going and assertive now. When she went off to college, I wasn’t worried at all because of the lessons and skills she learned from Mr. and Mrs. Rose. I can not recommend this place enough for anyone, regardless of age or physical ability. We love Peaceful Warriors and Mr. and Mrs. Rose!!!

D. Adkins#Teammate Parent, Student, Facebook Review 2018

Great family bonding! I'm in my 40's and struggled forever in finding some sort of exercise to get healthier. In a little over a year, I've stayed focused and motivated and lost 60 pounds. Kudos to Mr and Mrs Rose for their dedication to their students. Love this place!

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