Active Protection – Assess the Situation

We talk about active protection frequently. Defined as a practice to increase your odds of avoiding trouble and staying safe in tough situations.

What about tough situations that happen around or in front of you?

Many of us like to think that we would do something to help someone in need in front of us. A good lot of us probably would do exactly that. I know I always stop and ask if the opportunity is in front of me. This is just another case where you have to watch yourself though. Never forget to assess the situation in front of you. No matter what that situation may be, that couple extra seconds or minutes could mean the difference between being a “hero” or “good samaritan” and getting yourself locked up into a load of legal trouble or worse.


Simply put, take the time to figure out what is going on before you act. You may not always have that opportunity, it is one of the many challenges faced by our police force every day. Walking into often violent situations with no details at all. In which case they do what they have to do to neutralize the violence. Then assess the situation to figure out what is going on.

I have read many stories over the years where not assessing a situation has gone bad. Including one a couple years ago I often share at active protection workshops where a young adult was attacked with a gun at a park. The young adult fought back and managed to get the gun away from his attacker, only to be shot by someone thinking they were doing the right thing. The third person had assumed that the victim here was actually the attacker.


It’s another one of those things many of us like to think could never happen to us. How many stories have you seen lately of people stopping to get involved in a situation only to make the situation far worse.

Remember, assess, deescalate, and evaluate. When it comes to active protection, you have to cover yourself first. Imagine the guilt you would face if you did something like that, and then found out you were in the wrong? I’m not saying its wrong to get up in arms about something, but it is important to know and understand the situation as fully as possible.

Comment below if you have any other stories to share!

Written by: Cory Rose

Peaceful Warriors MA/Yoga/5th Day Kids Camp