Patience – To Accept 

Patience is often defined as to wait. When we are talking about patience with others and children, it is really about accepting them for where they are or how they feel. This includes yourself!

Being able to accept when your child is in a completely normal bad mood, or that one bad decision doesn’t make a bad person, well help you know how to handle them better. This will also allow you to respond in a better way to those emotions.

Especially with your children.

Accept that they have bad days too, just like us. Their feelings are just as strong and difficult to control as ours are. It is our job as parents to help guide them to cope with those strong feelings and get to the root of the problem.

Which honestly, is generally tired, hungry, or feeling unappreciated.

Sound familiar?

Peaceful Warriors has programs for children as young as 2. We offer Martial Arts mixed with Emotional Intelligence training for both children and parents.

We also have parkour – yoga – and capoeira.

Your all in one stop for activities in the TriCity Area, between Tuttle & Newcastle OK. Just south of Mustang OK.